Talk360 Expands Services with New Store to Assist Users in South Africa

Talk360 Expands Services with New Store to Assist Users in South Africa.

Talk360 is excited to announce the opening of a new in-store branch, revolutionizing the way African nationals residing in different countries and globe trotters stay connected to their lovers. This opening marks a significant milestone for Talk360 as it aims to provide personalized assistance to its local base.

Call Local Networks at a Flat Rate: With Talk360's calling app, users can make calls to any network at a flat rate, ensuring transparency and predictability in their communication expenses. Say goodbye to unexpected charges and complex billing structures.

No Contracts or Subscriptions: Talk360 eliminates the hassle of contracts and subscriptions, empowering users with the freedom to make calls without being tied down to long-term commitments. Users only pay for the minutes they use.

Seamless App-to-Phone Calls: One of Talk360's standout features is its ability to connect users with anyone, anywhere, even if the call receiver doesn't have the app installed an internet connection or a smartphone. This seamless app-to-phone calling experience ensures that conversations are never limited by technological barriers.

Global Reach with One App: Travelers and international callers rejoice! Talk360 allows users to make calls to any international country with just one app. Stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, and business partners around the world without the need for multiple communication tools.

In-Store Assistance: The new in-store branch of Talk360 is dedicated to providing personalized assistance to potential customers & Talk360 users, customers and individuals interested in joining Talk360 field marketing agents. Knowledgeable staff will be available to help users set up the app, recharge airtime and answer any questions to ensure a smooth communication experience, and support field marketing agent registrations.

Flexible Top-Up Options: To cater to the diverse needs of its users, Talk360 offers various options to top up their call credits. Users can conveniently recharge online or purchase airtime vouchers from local spaza shops their nearest supermarkets, including Shoprite, Cambridge, Boxer, petrol stations like Sasol and Caltex Fresh Stops, and selected retail chains such as Ackermans and Pep, as well as local tuck shops.

To experience the future of mobile calling and receive in-store assistance, download Talk360

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